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Jersey Boys:

"As Mary Delgado, Valli’s first wife, Dunn elicits laughs with her thick accent and sarcastic and tough delivery, but in the fight that precedes their divorce, she gives the scene real emotion and then adds a warm harmony to “My Eyes Adored You.”

-South Bend Tribune



"Marlanna Dunn as Valli's wife steals every scene she's in. Her wise-cracking fiery take on being the wife of a traveling singer is spot-on.”

-Huffington Post, Costa Mesa, CA



"Marlana Dunn is quite moving as Frankie's wise cracking, rough wife Mary...", Phoenix, AZ




"Marlana Dunn as Mary Delgado, Valli's first wife, was shrewd with just the right amount of shrill.  It was easy to feel swept back a few and across the continent when she explains that the name "Valli" should not end with a "y" because a "y" doesn't know if it's a consonant or a vowel. (She has a point.)"

-azstarnet, Tuscon, AZ



Marlana as Mary Delgado

With Broadway's Nick Cosgrove as Frankie Valli

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